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Access Control Locking Systems

One of the most important ways to significantly increase the security of your business and its assets is to control, restrict and monitor physical access to your business space, both externally and internally. Security Solutions can integrate a partial or full access control door locking system into your business security plan, giving you the following features and benefits:

Facility-wide Managed Access

Control who enters your business facility and, once in, where they can move within the facility. You can and should limit certain personnel from entering restricted space like the IT server room.

accessControlIconAccess Identification

The ability to identify who is in the facility at any given moment lowers your risk and, in the event of loss, aids in recovery.

Remote Management

You can manage access to your business facility from any location in the world with internet connection.

Access Card Control

Instantly activate or deactivate employee access card credentials from a central control system. Access permissions can be modified without tracking down and swapping credentials. You save valuable employee time when your staff can access the space and resources they need and are authorized for in order to perform their daily job tasks. You can prevent loss and increase staff security and safety when a disgruntled employee can be instantly locked out after termination. No need to call the locksmith to re-key on Friday at 5:00 after a difficult HR situation. This saves you money and valuable staff time.

inconOur Own Fast-Access Managed Access Control

Security Solutions can handle all your access control database management remotely from our office. You can save time and money by outsourcing your security management. No more re-training replacement employees on security database management after turnover. We will handle adding and deleting employees for you with an email or by logging into your account through our website. We can also monitor door force and props for you to ensure safety and security policy is enforced.

Photo Badges

Increase the security and professional atmosphere of your office environment with photo badges. Most card access credentials can be embossed with your employee’s photo alongside the company logo. This helps to quickly identify visitors or unauthorized people on the premises.

Credential Types

Blue Using Phone, Card, Key Fob and  Biometric.