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Emergency Response For Independent Parents

24-hour Personalized Nurse Care

With a single touch of a button you are in contact with an Independence Solutions Specialist who will address your medical questions. Independence Solutions provides you with knowledgeable, personalized medical assistance.


Do Not Risk Your Child's Life

Provide your Babysitter, Nanny or Care Provider immediate access to all levels of emergency and medical care at the touch of a button. Child emergencies are far more likely to occur during the first year of life.


Frequently Asked Questions

» Why Independence Solutions?

In many cases Independence Solutions is more direct than than 911. Independence Solutions helps you safeguard your child with 24 hour Nurse Line Help. 

» What is the average wait time in an emergency room?

3.3 hours is average and 46% of visits could have been avoided. With the press of a button Independence Solutions can start assessing your medical situations as often as you need, anytime you need. 

» What about the cost? Do I pay more if I press the buttons more?

No. Our low monthly price allows you to press and access Independence Solutions as much as you need, anytime you need.

Get medical Answers Instantly for Your Child. Our 2-button remote and console system helps you safeguard your baby.

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