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Radio Security Systems

networkMeshStandard telephone lines are unreliable; and are now turning digital. They are prone to outages by power failure, computer failure, tampering, and extreme weather. If you have your telephone connected through your cable company, you could also be susceptible to outages.


Insurance companies recommend that you add Mesh Radio Signaling to your existing alarm system. Mesh Radio signaling uses a radio transmitter attached to your alarm system to send us an alarm whether or not your phone is in working order and provides a tamper proof signal transmission. It is so reliable that it is approved as a primary means of communication for Fire Alarms.


What is the difference between our Alarm-Bridge mesh radio and cellular radio technology? Other private radio systems rely on repeater/tower technology to operate. Towers and repeaters have the potential for single point / single path failure: if a tower goes down, many subscribers will be out of service. In contrast, our mesh radio provides multiple paths and each subscriber unit can adapt to changes in the system.


Security Solutions has spent years building a reliable mesh radio network to ensure our customers are afforded the most advanced security available.


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