What You Need to Know About Commercial Fire Alarms

Protecting your property is an ongoing issue. Proper fire prevention maintenance can help reduce some of that strain. Installing commercial fire alarms with control panels and testing them regularly can make fires much easier to find and put out before they get out of hand, keeping your investment safe.

Sound the Alarm

The most obvious component of your fire prevention system is the actual alarms. This is the part that makes noise and alerts anyone on the property that a fire is in progress. It’s crucial to have these alarms located at proper intervals throughout your building to allow you to respond to fires quickly and efficiently. If they’re too close together, it will be hard to figure out the original source of the alert, while if they’re too far apart, it could allow the fire to spread much farther before being detected. Your installation expert will be able to help you determine the best locations for your detectors and alarms.

Keep Things Under Control

Every commercial fire alarm system should come with control panels. These panels allow the building operator to identify which alarms are sounding, turn them on and off remotely, and run regular tests to ensure they’re functioning properly. Many control panels also include panic buttons that automatically contact the police or fire department to respond to the incident.

Proper Installation and Regular Maintenance

Having your alarm system installed properly and regularly maintained is crucial to the function of the system. Keeping all your fire preventions sytems consistent with current fire codes is not only a legal requirement, it’s a necessary step to ensure the safety of your property and everyone in it. Consult a fire prevention expert when installing the system, and at least once per year after to make sure everything remains up to code.

Don’t get burned by poor fire prevention. A fire prevention professional can help you install and maintain your alarm system for the best possible protection from disaster.