What Is Access Control?

Over the past decade, homeowners and property managers have increasingly embraced home automation. One of the most important security elements of this is access control. It allows homeowners and property managers to control movement, identify the people coming and going and set parameters that determine access.

What Is Access Control?

In its simplest form, it is an electronic system that allows remote or automatic access to a restricted area. This might include the entrance to a gated community, the front lobby of a condo, the mechanical room in an apartment complex, or the front door of a home.

How it works depends on the specific system installed. These are some of the most common options:

  • Dialing a code into a keypad
  • Using fingerprints or other biometric data
  • Using Bluetooth or other wireless devices
  • Swiping or tapping access cards to a reader
  • Automatic scanning of bar codes on a vehicle sticker
  • Operating the doors or gates remotely

How Do You Know Which One To Choose?

When it comes to designing the best access control system, no good designer chooses just one solution. In fact, all options generally also include the ability to control the entrance or exit remotely.

Consider, for instance, a homeowner awaiting a package while on vacation. When the delivery person arrives, he or she receives a push notification. The homeowner can then instruct the delivery person to leave the package inside and to grab the tip waiting on the end table by the door.

Narrowing down the specific components of your system will depend on the foot traffic through the restricted areas, the level or type of data residents are willing to provide and the frequency of admitting guests.

Cards and keypads remain two of the most common options used in high-traffic areas. Homeowners tend to prefer biometrics, keypads and Bluetooth for their homes.

How Do I Ensure a Proper Install?

There are several DIY access control systems on the market promising professional results. However, the only guaranteed way to receive professional service is to hire professionals. This ensures that the system protecting your property and providing access works exactly as it should.