Access Control Guide for Commercial Security

Many businesses want to control access to their buildings. One way to do this effectively is through access control security systems. These systems can then be used to determine who is accessing the building and when beyond strengthening the business’ security measures.


While the door bolt has been a mainstay in keeping out perpetrators for a long time, this has been enhanced through additional technological security measures. The modern system uses computers to control access either remotely or on-site. Biometric scanners, radio frequency identification chips and card readers are commonly found in these modern systems.


Security is a huge concern for most businesses wanting to protect their valuable assets and intellectual property. Access control can be an asset as part of the overall security system for the building. Vendors work with a variety of companies to help customize a solution to meet the individual security needs of a business. The industry, building type, location and access needs determine the type of system a company employs.


Commercial businesses seem to be constantly threatened by outside sources seeking to steal or otherwise harm the business. A security system allows you not only to protect against financial loss but to also keep employees and visitors safe. The liability lessens for the company as a whole. These systems not only reduce crime but can save the business money on liability insurance, item replacement and other repairs. Keep your business from being vulnerable by implementing a comprehensive system that looks at a variety of risks. Controlling access is one piece of that system to increase safety.

Access control systems provide a flexible option to increase the security of a building. Control who accesses a building and when. The systems can be used whether the staff is in the building or gone for the day. Find a vendor that understands the security risks facing your industry.