3 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Commercial Fire Alarms

As a business owner, you concern yourself with many operational issues daily, but how often do you think about disaster prevention devices and measures? Commercial fire alarms are necessary devices. However, too many business owners do not realize a fire detector’s importance to the safety of their company and employees. Information is a powerful tool, and there are at least three things every business owner should know about fire prevention devices.

1. Importance of Semi-Annual Inspections

Fire panels and alarms can be finicky devices, which is why semi-annual inspections are essential. However, while a professional inspection twice a year will help to maintain operational efficiency, routine in-house inspections help maintain systems and prevent equipment malfunctions.

2. Size of Building and Alarm Type

For business properties, there are two types of commercial fire alarms: conventional and addressable. Conventional alarms are better suited for smaller buildings and operations, with individual alarms and signals. Addressable alarms are interconnected across multiple floors, signaling an entire facility of potential fires. You can consult with a fire alarm installer to discuss options and precautions for your facility.

3. Customization of Fire Systems

Before having a commercial fire system installed, consult with a professional installer. Different properties and operations will require unique setups and equipment. A small business may find bulky, interconnected systems unnecessary, but a restaurant may need an alarm system tied into sprinklers and the fire department. Only you know the intricacies of your business operations and the needs of your facility.

Commercial fire alarms are not optional devices; most municipalities require businesses to have some fire safety equipment on hand and installed. While there are differences in requirements, any business owner needs to keep semi-annual inspections and the size of their operation at the forefront of the fire safety discussion. Fire alarms can and do save lives every day. Do not put your employees, customers or business at risk. Talk an installer and get your business fire ready.