As a property owner, you already know how crucial it is to take steps to protect your assets when a freeze occurs. However, with only around 82 percent of broadcasted weather forecasts being correct, it can be a bit difficult to predict when one of these dangerous freezes might occur. That’s precisely why the self-monitoring freeze alert system exists. This is a simple machine that’s designed to give you advance warning about freezes so you’re never caught off guard and have plenty of time to take the steps necessary to properly protect your property from the effects of incoming ice.

A Range of Helpful Benefits

Freeze alert systems are ideal for any seldom-visited home in a location that might be considered temperature-sensitive. They take in the surrounding temperature and compare it to the local norms in order to determine whether or not a freeze happens to be likely. Many systems will then send out automated messages to a number of phone numbers to give you notice of the problem they’ve detected. While the primary use for these accessories is detecting freezes, some of the more advanced models alert you of other potential issues as well, including:

  • Power outages
  • Flooding
  • Low battery

These alert features work together to ensure you never miss a freeze warning so you won’t have the unpleasant experience of returning to a vacation home with frozen pipes.

Why Alerts Are Crucial

If you’ve ever dealt with burst pipes before as the result of a winter freeze, you already know how devastating the damages can be. Having an early alert is imperative to avoiding this issue. The warning system gives you enough time to go to your property to seal off pipes, leave some dripping and take all other necessary precautions to keep your property safe from flooding.

Whether it’s a cabin, an RV or a lush mountain vacation home, any building located in cold-weather areas will certainly benefit from the advance freeze alert offered by these simple yet crucial devices. Learn more about what this home security addition has to offer by reaching out to your chosen professionals today.