Improve Patient Care with Nurse Call Systems

The changing nature of the healthcare industry means more call centers are available to patients with medical questions. These nurse call systems need trained professionals to answer patient inquiries. Changing the way the nurse call systems operate can help medical professionals better meet their patient needs.

Mobile Staff

Having an efficient staff means that they need to be able to connect with patients and staff faster. Constantly checking the nurse’s station for new inquiries builds in a lot of down time where little is being done to actually assist patients. Adding communication devices with middleware applications helps the staff be more mobile. As they are able to handle things while on the move, patients get help faster and nurses can improve patient safety.

Middleware Applications

Using middleware applications allows the hospital to integrate the nurse call systems with other alarm systems, patient monitoring and point-of-care alerts. The systems generate reports to help staff increase their response time, improve patient care and streamline communication. These applications continue to develop to allow hospitals to better meet patient needs.

Communication Devices

The middleware applications work on a variety of communication devices. Depending on the level of messaging needed, hospitals can choose devices from cell phones to pages to smartphones. Other devices include Wi-Fi enabled phones, traditional desktop phones, email-enabled devices and LED display signs to improve staff communication. When an alarm sounds, a text message alerts the staff of the time and room number or location. Using the more technologically advanced devices allows staff to communicate with each other. Rather than simply getting a text message, the staff member can move it to someone else or acknowledge it and take it.

Using nurse call systems as part of your hospital communication can improve overall patient care from meeting their needs to answering urgent life-threatening events. Find the right one to work in your healthcare business.