Design Your Fire Alarm System as Part of Your Business’ Security

Many business owners don’t consider the design of fire alarm systems as part of their overall security plan. However, fire alarms provide protection for both employees and business property. Depending on the type of business you run and the building you operate out of can greatly affect the type of system needed for effective fire protection. Smoke detectors are only the tip of the iceberg when creating an effective system.

System Design

The size of the building greatly affects the type of fire alarm system needed. An engineer should handle the design aspects of the system to meet the needs of the company, location and building itself. The number of floors in the building can impact the design. Public buildings often need additional features not available in a standard out-of-the-box system. Sprinkler systems and communication devices offer additional protection in the event smoke or fire. The location of alarms is important to provide quick notification to the monitoring company or fire department.

Additional Considerations

A licensed professional can inspect the current wiring to ensure it meets code for the municipality. Additional wiring may be needed to handle various aspects of the system. They can also design the system to have direct connection with them or the local fire department. Prompt notification to the authorities limits wait times to minimize any damage caused by a fire or smoke. Smoke detectors are only one small piece of an integrated fire alarm system.

A professional licensed to install and design fire alarm systems can provide your business with a secure and safe environment to work in. Professionals take into account the complexity of fire alarms and how they integrate into the building. Don’t simply purchase the first system that you see, speak to a qualified professional to ensure the safety of the employees and property of your business.