Security is a top priority for both homeowners and business owners. Homes and businesses house a variety of important information, valuables and expensive items that thieves may wish to steal. Not all doors in your establishment need to be available to the public. Securing these areas with access control cards can keep out intruders and protect your business.

Security Level

Business owners must determine the level of security required for the various aspects and rooms of their building. Some areas may not need as high of a level of security as others. Those areas open to the public such as retail spaces can still have areas that should only be accessed by certain people. Access cards allow you to control who has access to what within the building.

Personnel Identification

Access cards allow the business owner to see who has accessed the space at any given time. Since the employee information is encrypted into the card, the owner can see when a room was accessed and by whom. Should something go missing, the owner can speak to those who accessed the room during that time.

Risk Measures

Not all businesses have the same security needs. Businesses with large numbers of personnel accessing different parts of a building may have a more sophisticated system than a small store with one room needing extra security.

Electronic Security

A master key is still a staple for many business owners. While electronic security measures do not negate the need for a master key, they do allow for businesses to control access more securely. Unauthorized personnel and visitors are blocked from entry when an electronic system is used to lock/unlock a room. Access cards are common but added security features include fingerprint scanners or biometric face readers.

Upgrading your business’ security system to include access control cards can deter intruders from accessing your important information and valuables. Deter theft with higher security measures designed for limited access.